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Industrial Braiding Solutions

Fine Wire Braiders - 8 to 288 Carrier Heads
Wire & Textile Sizes - .00005+ & 5+ Denier
Large Packing Braiders, Coilers, Re-Winders

Steeger USA serves various industries; including Medical Devices, Aerospace, Elctronics, Composites, Sealing & Packing, Sporting Goods, Textiles, Hydraulics, and moreIndustries Served

Medical Devices
Sealing & Packing
Sporting Goods
...and More!



Services Provided

  • Complete Spare Parts & Service Lines
  • Product Research & Development
  • First Run Production for New Product Launches
  • Machinery Reconditioning & Upgrading
  • Machinery Financing Options
  • Production Outsourcing Assistance
  • Manufacturing & Strategic Planning Support

Through our continuous development we are constantly adding new products not yet reflected on this site.

For more information, competitive quotes or technical advice, please contact us.

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